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seungris twerk ft. the other members’ reactions

bigbnags: bigbang saying you like requested by…


bigbang saying you like requested by @letsvictoryri

haydee-gd: [121818] Different version of ‘Bang…


[121818] Different version of ‘Bang Bang Bang’ choreo @ BIGBANG10 THE EXHIBITION: A TO Z IN BEIJING

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BigBang – BANG BANG BANG dance practice, secon…

BigBang – BANG BANG BANG dance practice, second version.



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llidstrich: 19:Nineteen: Featuring baby Seung…


19:Nineteen: Featuring baby Seungri and emo TOP~

Myths & Facts about TOP’s legal issues, Part I


(Part II here)

HI! So, I’ve noticed that international kpop fans believe a lot of myths about South Korea’s criminal justice system and about TOP’s case specifically. The post below debunks just a few of them. There are more which I may get to in another post.

Myth: YGE uses “corruption” gets their artists out of legal trouble, and this is the only reason that TOP is not in jail right now.


YGE doesn’t have the pull it was once alleged to have had. 

The first thing we should note is that “corruption” is not a magic wand, and neither is money. We need to be specific about what we actually mean by “corruption”: In YGE’s case it has been alleged that the company had connections with the previous administration headed by Park Geun-Hye. There are two main allegations, both of which YGE has denied:

  • Park Geun-Hye’s friend Choi Soon-Sil used her connection to the government to get her niece a job with YGE and to associate with YGE celebrities. (source)
  • YGE would leak gossip about its artists during times when the Park administration was getting bad press in order to distract the public. In exchange, the administration put political pressure on police and media to bury other negative stories or criminal charges for YGE artists. (source pending)

But they’re not in power anymore. Park is currently in prison, serving a 3 year sentence on corruption-related charges (source). There are no allegations that YGE has similar pull with the new administration, headed by Moon Jae-In. Rather than assist TOP, the current government has actually taken advantage of the outrage over his case to advance their own policy goal of dismantling the conscripted police service altogether (source).

The “corruption” thing also just doesn’t pass the sniff test: If YGE was that powerful, how the hell did TOP get charged in the first place, let alone convicted? Which leads us to…

Myth: Regular South Koreans are normally given non-suspended prison sentences for using cannabis, and TOP’s celebrity is the only reason he’s not behind bars right now. He got a lighter sentence because he’s famous.


Punishments for cannabis use in South Korea have actually been getting less harsh over time, and a suspended sentence is typical (source).

TOP’s sentence is a 10-month prison term, suspended two years. The important points to make here:

  • This is on the harsher end of what is precedent in South Korea for cannabis use with no prior history. (source – chart on p. 9)
  • The prosecution got literally every single thing they asked for. This is not typical. Neither plea bargaining nor joint sentencing are used in South Korea’s justice system, so a judge usually negotiates a sentence between what the defence and prosecution recommend (in TOP’s case, the defence lawyer recommended a fine). This is especially the case with a guilty plea, which TOP gave. (source pending)
  • The judge specifically mentioned TOP’s celebrity as an aggravating factor (reason the sentence should be harsher) in his sentencing (source)

After the cut: more about TOP’s sentence and Korean attitudes towards cannabis)

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MV & Performance appreciation post. (7/?) …

MV & Performance appreciation post. (7/?)

Choi Seunghyun in ZUTTER.

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It is not too late if I get married at 40. For…

It is not too late if I get married at 40. For the time being, I have just too much work.