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hell-ogoodbye: you boys♡ (≧∇≦)


you boys♡ (≧∇≦)

swaggalevel-1000: ontopofthebluehill: daffy-u…






this gif literally portrays everything I love about bigbang

omg dae i love you haahhah

Perfect Big Bang is perfect. Perfect Daesung is perfect.

lol yes

baby Top on his own world

Dae being all cute 

GRi having their moment with Bae cockblocking XD

This is fucking perfection, to be brutally honest. Daesung is the all-kill in this gif.

sshinhye: I kept touching my hair because of a…


I kept touching my hair because of a wind called you blows.

yeolliebean: 120429 – bad boy


120429 bad boy

Theres no concrete evidence on certain things …

Theres no concrete evidence on certain things bc he refused to hand over his phone to be examined. Like…. he said he would do everything he could to comply with the police, but won’t do something as simple as turning in his phone? If he’s innocent why won’t he just let them examine it?

I’ve just used Google translate myself on the forth paragraph and you can easily understand it. I mean, you can trust your source. I decided to trust mine, especially since I saw the video in which he was asked if he handed it in, and he confirmed it. However, I found out that I can’t find that video anymore since I can’t look for it in Korean. It appears to be deleted. Hmmmm

Despite what people have been saying, it has N…

Despite what people have been saying, it has NOT been confirmed that seungri is guilty. On the contrary, they're failing to find absolute proof of him being guilty and are only dragging the case out due to many netizens' insisting for him to be investigated. Rumors snowballed bc of this. It's also the reason why a lot people think he's guilty, because the case keeps being prolonged and information keeps getting distorted. Dispatch literally wrote (and deleted) 3 articles conflicting each other.

I know my friend, I know.
I just would like to say that you all have to believe official sources and evidence that are deemed trustworthy (ergo not allkpop and koreaboo because of obvious reasons). Don’t believe shady news just because those fit with what you want to be true.
If you want Seungri to be guilty, fine, believe that, celebrate your stupid as heck Prison 101 or seungri is going to jail party. But don’t try to convince Vips still fighting that he is guilty with your shady evidence. Nothing is confirmed yet by trustworthy sources (with which I mean official police statements, official statements made by a court of law).
Obviously, Seungri is still fighting. He made a freaking statement about the prostitution claims but the press decided to not release it.

Everything is shady as Frick. Don’t carelessly jump to conclusions. And also don’t hate on my fellow Vips that are still fighting. You may have given up but this does not give you the right to attack my family and force your point of view onto them. They are suffering right now. (and don’t come at me now with the “victims suffer the most so stfu” because Vips are victims as well)

On another note, please sign the petition to further investigate Jang Jayeon’s suicide and rape case. Just scroll down until that little box, sign in using whatever sns you have, and then sign it. It should have the Korean for “I agree” already written there, just like the comments.


So, considering the things that came out today, I, as a former seungri Stan, will say that I won’t give a flying Frick if Seungri is declared guilty or innocent. I am indifferent when it comes to him now and just hope that the truth about everything gets revealed.
I’ll remember the good times of being his fan and watching him with the members since I am a VIP, until whenever.
But this chapter with Seungri in it, it’s over.
The end.




I am one of those people that still believe in Seungri, and I will probably get hated a lot with this post. No, I am not delusional. I’ve already accepted it that he may be guilty.

Seungri has been my role model for many years. When I was struggling and feeling depressed, he helped me because he has been there, he has fought and struggled a lot, and he managed to come out on top, as part of the kings of kpop. It is hard to let go of something you love and looked up to for many years.

I do not approve of what happened to the victims. I am a woman myself and I am disgusted by forcing people into sexual acts, drugging them and filming them during intercourse without their consent. If Seungri turns out to be guilty, I won’t look back and erase him from my heart, leaving a corner for the happy memories of my five Kings together.

But don’t judge us for still believing in his innocence. Those who truly want to trust him and are not thinking of excuses. We are merely clinging onto the last straws. We are the ones that will hurt more intensely if everything turns out to be true.

The situation doesn’t look good. I am aware that this will probably be a bad end. I don’t judge people who have already abandoned him, I don’t judge people that still trust him.

I just hope that everything will be resolved, that everything will be revealed, and that the culprits will be judged fairly and properly according to law, even if Seungri is one of them. I hope that the victims will get their justice and will find comfort in knowing that they don’t have to suffer alone anymore, that the truth is about to be revealed.


I just hope the rest of Bigbang are OK right now.
This seungri mess left me heartbroken, what must the others feel right now….