Author: I Hope A Green Light Shines On New Life


I’m late in Korean time but in GMT it’s still the 4th of November so!


You’ve managed to come through a difficult time in your life recently. Remembering your last birthday, it makes me tear up to think how much the situation has changed. You’ve grown so strong and you seem so much happier now which is all I’ve always wanted for you. I’m hoping that as the end to your service comes up, you’ll be able to think about how you want to progress with your life. Whether you’re leaving the entertainment industry or continuing and such like. I can confidently say that whatever the case may be, plenty of fans, friends, and family will support you in your future endeavours. Thank you for all you’ve brought us, Seunghyun.



Hmm, I’m seeing some people getting hacked and having NSFW stuff reblogged on their blog. Just gonna be cautious and say that if you see that happening on my blog know that my blog has been compromised and that I am not the one reblogging that.

MV & Performance appreciation post. (22/?)

MV & Performance appreciation post. (22/?)

Choi Seunghyun in Fantastic Baby.

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When I first began doing these appreciation posts, I didn’t make my own GIFs and instead used those of other people. Therefore, for the next few appreciation posts, I’ll be remaking the 4 posts that weren’t my own content.



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s-tttop: 11:04 – THE TOP HOUR 🕚 D-400


11:04 – THE TOP HOUR 🕚 D-400

Top highfiving VIPS

julla: A KING!!!!!!!!!!


A KING!!!!!!!!!!


So y’all probably noticed a while ago but the most recent appreciation posts are fucked up on desktop so apologies for that, but unfortunately I have no way of fixing it because it’s an issue Tumblr has with me lately.

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sold my soul to the devil…

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