Here is the issue that I have with the thought of bts potentially getting a grammy. The Grammys nominated and award those who have done something where it left a big impact in the music world, and its not just exclusively for the US, the Grammys nominates and awards worldwide. That being said, since thats how they have been doing it for the past 50+ years. Don’t you think they would have already given Korean artists awards? Like Rain, Wondergirls, Super Junior, TVXQ, Bigbang, etc… especially Bigbang or G Dragon, 

Another thing that will really be messed up if they potentially get nominated for a grammy. That would be one of the most disrespectful moments of all time for Kpop fans, especially the first and second gen Kpop fans. Because Bigbang did it first. Bigbang was the first Korean artist that ever got nominated and were nominated against Britney Spears and won a non-asian award… and that award had to go though a special voting process not just fan voting. They won Best Worldwide act without anyone in that building knowing who they were adding to what I always say, just because it seems like bts is popular, does not mean that they are popular outside of the Kpop fandom. They also hold the record for biggest selling boyband in the world, having sold over 150+ records (2018) having beat the Jackson 5, Backstreet Boys, and NSYNC. Whether you like bigbang or not, you have to give bigbang credit for everything they have done to help the Kpop world be where it s today. People like to say that BTS is beyond Kpop, bts is in a whole new league, bts is in western culture, etc. When no, if anything is “beyond Kpop” its going to be bigbang, not only outselling extremely famous boybands they hold two other major records, having hold the record for largest k-pop tour in the world selling over 1.5 million tickets, and with M.O.T.T.E being the largest and most attended Kpop concert in both America and the UK by a Korean solo artist. Another fact, to this day there are over +20M copies of Bigbang alive album have been sold, with MADE being next.

G Dragon has suffered so much in the Kpop world just to get it to how it is today. There are a lot of lyrics, performances, dance moves that G Dragon and bigbang did that was deemed unacceptable for broadcast which I see in the Korean music today, but no one gets banned or in trouble. Bigbang really helped Kpop grow, with Fantastic Baby and One Of A Kind going viral. Heck, they should give one to psy before giving one to BTS, he went viral and his music video was at one point the most watched music videos of all time, wouldn’t that be a major achievement in the music world? BTS isn’t even in the top 100 most watched Music Videos. 

Remember, there were barely any really good hip hop-esque Kpop groups in the early 2000’s. Bigbang was going into the Kpop industry with something new for Korea they were really the only true hip hop group of Korea. The Korean public hated bigbang, then bigbang did try to change things up by influencing other genres of music into there own they came up with the success of Lies, Last Farewell, and Haru Haru. The reason why I say that is that BTS is not new, they did not create anything, they did not give a major change to the Kpop industry. They came into the Kpop industry at the perfect time, they had a lot of groups with there style already having an established name in the media and with B.A.P really gaining momentum, notoriety, and real recognition in the Western market. BTS is all those groups mixed into one. The only difference is that BTS does fall under the category of the very few idols groups that are amazing in dancing and army’s, I’ll give you this one to brag about if you absolutely need to, because even bigbang is my ult group, they are not the best dancers out there but… they don’t need to dance to keep a crowd watching

I don’t care if bts gets attention or not, its whatever at this point with not just bts but Kpop idols. The only thing that I dislike is the fact that media keeps deeming them the most popular kpop group, which when you do research it is Bigbang/Exo. The other thing that kind of annoys me is now the attitude of one of the BTS members… I’m not going to name drop but my followers probably know who I am taking about. After watching some newer videos of BTS it seems like the other few that were a bit “snobby” has since changed. However the vibe and attitude I get from the other member is kind of like a “I’m better than you” sort of feeling and its almost like they are believing that they are eaither on the same level that bigbang is or above bigbang. 

One more thing, it just popped into my head as I was going to post this. How come its only the the groups music videos that have a lot of views and not the solo mv’s? It seems like army’s are two-faced when it comes to this sort of thing, they say that they are going to support bts and all the members of bts but when a member does release a solo music video its like all that major support just vanished. It honestly seems like J hope is least favorite amongst the group, and thats just really sad, and armys also seem to only like Jungkook for his face not all armys, which is equally just as sad

I don’t hate BTS, I don’t hate all Armys, I am a fan of bts.