4. “I’m not living next door to you”

8. “But you said we could get”

10. “That’s a nice bed you’ve got there”

Themes: angst, mild swearing, fluff, suggestions of sex

Part 2/3


It had been one week. One week in the same flat and he was able to avoid you everyday. Secretly it hurt you that he didn’t want to talk, so you distracted yourself by spending your time at the local coffee shop with a book in your hand, knowing they weren’t really his vibe. That was what lead to the inevitable end of what happened between you; too many differences. He likes clubbing, you like coffee shops. He likes long days drinking in the sun followed by a night DJing, you prefer walking in the rain followed by a chilled night at home under wooly blankets. Eventually, your differences caused you to find different paths in life, leading you to separate cities. You never really got over him, despite the break up being your call. Still, it was understandable why he was angry now given that you disappeared from his life completely, ignoring his calls and blocking him on SNS. 

A distraction jolted you back to the reality of the coffee shop and you realised that they were closing soon. With a sigh you got up, thanked the waiter for the coffee and took a slow walk back to the apartment. As you drew closer to your front door you could hear shouting. Before you could even put the key in the door it opened and a pretty girl pushed past you. You started to wonder how many there had been since you and how pretty they probably were but you pushed the thoughts aside before they could get too toxic. As you entered the apartment he was there with his back turned to you, staring out of the window. On the way to your room you froze as he actually spoke to you.
“Why the fuck did you come back into my life?”
How could you even respond to that? 
“Well I didn’t choo-”
“You chose to cut me out though, didn’t you? We promised to make it work out. We were moving away from each other but you said we could get an apartment together once we’d finished studying. You made me believe that we’d genuinely make it and then you fucking dropped me one day. I can’t sustain a relationship because I don’t trust anyone… I feel like they’ll just fuck me over like you did and then carry on with their lives. The worst part is that I still miss you too.”
You looked at him, tears streaming down both of your faces.
“I’m sorry. I fucked up and I don’t expect you to forgive me. Still… I miss you too. If it makes it easier I’ll move out.” You turned to leave the room.
“Don’t leave me” Seungri choked “Not again.”