[2/2] This is a clarification post of the trut…

[2/2] This is a clarification post of the truth regarding the lies Dispatch spread around recently about G-Dragon’s hospitalization and unfounded claims of a ‘preferential treatment’

Part [½]

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  • 6. Jiyong suffers from Ankle Instability, he has broken bones fragments tearing down his muscles and ligaments every time he moves + recurrent dislocated shoulder. He had to undergo ligament reconstruction surgery.
    Jiyong’s struggle with his ankle has been going on for years, since his first injury in 2011 then 2013 then last year solo tour + BigBang’s Last Dance tour. The tough training in the White Skull unit exaggerated his condition and he needed the surgery.
  • 7. Dispatch broke the law and violated the medical law by obtaining Jiyong’s confidential medical records and demanding YGE to release them. Severe medical law violation + infringement of basic rights.
  • 8. This is the third time Dispatch targets Jiyong this year with their stalking and malicious reports.

Compiled by: @egbegb88/BBDC GALLERY
Translated by: @chisasbaebae , @ALEXAsaki
Edited by: @06251804