[½] This is a clarification post of the truth …

[½] This is a clarification post of the truth regarding the lies Dispatch spread around recently about G-Dragon’s hospitalization and unfounded claims of a ‘preferential treatment’

Part [2/2]

Please, take the time to read it and spread it everywhere. Jiyong is suffering from an awful witchhunt led by Dispatch’s lies and misinformation. Help clear his name and spread the word.

Don’t forget to sign this petition to close Dispatch down: https://www1.president.go.kr/petitions/284845#_=_

  1. 1. Dispatch claimed Jiyong took 33 days sick leaves when he only took 25, there are other 4 enlistees in his unit who took over 21 days too.
  2. 2. Dispatch claimed Jiyong was admitted to a fancy ‘Colonel room’ with TV and a separate fan and AC when the truth is there is no Colonel room and he was admitted to a regular 1person room with no TV and there are ACs in all the rooms.
  3. 3. Dispatch claimed he’s getting preferential treatment for being placed in a single room when the truth is he was admitted to a single room to stabilize his case and prevent chaos that happened in the General Ward from other enlistees and their visitors.
  4. 4. Dispatch claimed Jiyong had visitors after visiting hours when the hospital official records proved he had no visitors after official visiting hours.
  5. Jiyong is suffering from an awful invasion of privacy when a medic in the hospital drew a journal about him and sent it to his gf who posted it all over SNS. The journal contained private medical information about Jiyong such as his illnesses and medications.

Compiled by: @egbegb88/BBDC GALLERY
Translated by: @chisasbaebae , @ALEXAsaki
Edited by: @06251804