Regarding Dispatch pathetically spreading malicious rumors about Jiyong



Hello, I’m sure you all know about Dispatch’s recent mess trying to pin some ‘preferential treatment’ on Jiyong which ended up being total lies aimed to bring hate to Jiyong and to disclose his confidential private medical hospital records. As this is a clear violation of his human rights and privacy and is a ground for suing let’s do our part.

This is a petition issued to the Blue House to close Dispatch, stop their illegal stalking behavior and protect idols’ privacy and confidential information. This isn’t only beneficial to VIPs but also every other fandom out there as Dispatch has a history of targetting other idols in the past and they won’t stop.

Please, sign this petition:


Click on the link, scroll down and sign using twitter/facebook/naver account (whichever one you have). It won’t take 2 seconds.

Please, join and sign this petition and spread the word. In a day we gathered 14k signs. We need to reach 200k in a month for the Blue House to consider this so please spread this petition and ask other fandoms to sign as it will also be beneficial to them too if Dispatch is closed down for good.

Let’s not ignore this. Dispatch is out to maliciously ruin Jiyong, they have no qualms posting his confidential records just for some clicks. YGE as usual won’t do anything, and Jiyong just wants to finish his service calmly in peace. Please, protect Jiyong.